Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Handmade table games - learn a foreign language

Handmade table games - learn a foreign language.

Any table game can be successfully used to learn a foreign language. As an example, we can use the “Oflameron” table game to acquire a good stock of new words. Let us replace the playing field values “Oflameron” with the alphabet of the language we are going to learn (for example, Russian one). 

The playing field will look as follows:

The playing field is a 6x6 standard Word-generated table. The table can be edited to learn any language.
To start the game, you need two dies (here we use red and blue dies). The number of scores shown by the blue die is a vertical coordinate of the cell. The number of scores shown by the red die is a horizontal coordinate of the cell in the playing field “Oflameron”. 

How to play

The players are given the word which translation into the language they have to spell. To make it, the players alternate in throwing dies and write the words from the playing field cells. The person who will spell the word first wins. The game is for the children of 5 or 6 years old. The children over 6 years can spell several words at once or a phrase or a short sentence. 


- sweet, coin, cuter

To make the game more interesting, some cells can be replaced with prize pictures such as a sweet, a coin, a cuter. A cuter |J| is a prize that can be chosen before the game starts. For example, two cuters can be exchanged for one music CD 

(c) by Valery V Shmeleff

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