Thursday, August 31, 2017

Learn a Foreign Language

Learn Foreign Language
Although repetition in learning a foreign language can be boring, it is key to your success. Many
studies on language acquisition show that very high numbers of repetition are necessary for a word to become truly owned and in your long term memory. This is why so many language classrooms require choral repetitions.
Repetitions can be verbal, aural, read or written. So, when you study, hit the word or verb conjugation as many times as possible

Learn Foreign Language

  In your native language, you don’t have to listen very well.  You only actually hear
 some of the words being said and your brain fills in the rest.  You can’t do this when you are first learning a language.  You may have to train yourself to listen.  If you are musical, you probably already have.  This is why your language class almost ce
rtainly asks you to listen to CD's or watch videos.  Do this in small amounts at a time not for an hour straight.  Build up your listening time just like you do for training for a sporting event.

Learn Foreign Language

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