Monday, September 25, 2017

Foreign language free

Foreign language free

Advanced language solution

Students should take turns to add letters in the cells of the table. If a student may be a foreign word (in this example the English word), then it records it on your sheet.
For each letter in a foreign word, the student will receive 1 point.
When all the cells are filled with letters, the game ends. Players are called foreign words and translation. Count the points and determine the winner. To make the game more interesting, you can increase the number of columns and rows in the table.
Table, which filled all the cells you will use in other lessons. Use table copy and give the other students. Students must find all possible foreign words in the table. Who found the most words is the winner. If the number of the words are the same, counts the number of points.

OFLAMERON - Advanced technology memorizing foreign words.

(c) by Valery Shmeleff

Foreign language free

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