Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Flash card OFLAMERON


The board game with paper Flash Card  "OFLAMERON" may be used to learn foreign languages (for example, Spanishor French). The game allows to train one's vocabulary effectively. 
    It is possible to lay out the game field of any size and format using simple flash cards with letters, for example, of the French alphabet. The game field consists of the closed paths. The quantity of paths and the size of the game field may vary. The elementary game field may look as follows: 

Flash card
The playing field can be downloaded in Word and make large and complex.
Flash card
Cells with numbers - bonuses. Add 3 or 4 points to the student's account.
Cells with color make their bonuses.
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 Of course, it is possible to lay out very big and difficult game fields for the game "OFLAMERON". The more cards are used, the more paths the game field has, the more interesting it is to play. 
    A few pupils aged at least 6-7 may participate in the training game. Usual game pieces and a die shall be required for game. 
    A TRANSLATION of 10-15 French words is issued to players. Players move their game pieces on cards throwing the die and "collect" the French letters. It is necessary to make any French words of collected letters with the length of 4 letters least including those words the TRANSLATION of which is issued to the players. 
    Start game 
    The game begins when participants put their game pieces ON ANY CELLS of the game field and write down the letters occupied by their game pieces on their leaflets...

Full online guide here

Simple flash card can be made from any paper in 10 minutes.

Flash card


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