Monday, April 9, 2018


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Method of memorizing foreign words always assumed repetition. It's very boring, long and not efficient. Such knowledge is quickly forgotten.
If repetition of foreign words to make the game, the students will easily be able to repeat 100-200 times. It will be interesting. Interesting and effective.
Let's use the OFLAMERON board game out of paper. It's simple, cheap, diverse, interesting.
In the game you have to throw the dice, move the chips on the cards with letters. For each letter should be called a foreign word and the translation.
If not called, you lose.
Students remember all the foreign words several DOZEN times in every game.
German, French, Spain and any European languages

A great addition to the usual lessons. Students playing in a foreign language. Interesting and effective. Looks like fun. Online guide -
German, French, Spain

Freeware Flashcards

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