Thursday, May 3, 2018

Paper Languages Crds

Paper Languages Cards

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In studying English children very well help a special flashcard. On such cards, as a rule, beautiful print shows the letter plus the letter next drawn an animal with that letter, or something else interesting. That's what I can offer to print:
Cards with letters of alphabet quite easily was able to find in the social network Vkontakte in the Documents section. Type in the search "English letters" and select from the list that is most like (or something more suited). I personally liked the letters without pictures, in doc format, saved to disk. Here's how they look, can be printed, pasted on cardboard and cut.
To learn English (as a foreign language) teachers recommend children from 3-5 years. At this time the training goes very quickly, a child can memorize all the letters of the English language in just a few sessions. This is very conducive to visualization of the letters on the cards, with pictures, to help remember them.
This is a beautiful vintage cards with verses that children can easily remember.
http: //www. bolshoyvopros. ru/questions/2227452-anglijskij-alfavit-v-kartochkah-dlja-raspechatki-gde-najti-raspechatat.html

Another Languages Flashcards Images


World Languages Flashcards

World Languages Flashcards


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