Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Foreign Language Free

Foreign Language Free

The player chooses a cell for the start of the game. Writes a letter. In this example, the letter |V|
The player rolls dice. For example, on the dice fell 2. 
A player moves a piece into 2 cells and is the cell with the letter |G|. The player writes the letters on the piece of paper.

And so on.
When a player accumulates a few letters, it could be a foreign word.
Options words can be many. The player will remember the foreign word that it knows.

If you make the word failed, the player throws the dice, moves a piece and writes another letter.
The player remembers foreign words - added letter, there are new options.
If you were able to be a foreign word, the player calls its translation. Used letters expunged from the paper. And again throw the dice, move the chips and write the letters.

After each recorded letter the player remembers foreign words. We have to remember 5-10 words. If you make a foreign word failed, roll the dice, move piece, write a new letter. 
The player remembers foreign words - there are new options with a recorded letter.

If the chips move 100 times, the player can remember more than 500 foreign words!
This is an excellent memory training.
Even kids of 6-7 years, will not be bored in the classroom.
It's a game!

Foreign Languages Free

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