Monday, June 19, 2017

Learn Foreign Languages Free

Learn Foreign Languages Free

An example of the playing field on paper. Example for the French language.
Several tracks from the cells with letters.
Players choose a cell for the start of the game.
The first player has selected the cell with the letter |P|

The player must name a word with the letter |P|. For example, |La Portion|. Portion - the player gets 7 points.

The player then throws the dice. For example, the cube will drop 4 points. The player moves the piece to 4 cells clockwise.
It could be the letter |F|. But the player has selected the cell |W|. The player called the word |watt| and its translation. To the player's score added 4 points.

The game could greatly complicate. But the players will remember ALL the known foreign words.

Learn Foreign Languages Free

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