Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Advanced Flashcard

Advanced German Flashcard

The game of paper OFLAMERON (with advanced flashcard) allows you to memorize up to 500 foreign words per week. It is the most effective way to memorize foreign words. You can learn English, Spanish, German and other European languages. To do this, just change the alphabet, which is used in the game.

You enough to draw on paper a simple playing field

Handmade flashcard
Use dice and tokens to move through the cells - See full guide on
You can draw the playing field of any shape, size, and complexity. You can use any number of cells with letters.

Foreign Languages Free

The playing field can be downloaded as a Word document. To load into the editor and print.

For example, here is


You can easily edited in MS Word

 The game has many different, interesting and beautiful options.

Free DOWNLOAD game0001.doc
Online guide -

Advanced German Flashcard

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