Friday, December 29, 2017

Handmade Flashcard

Handmade Flashcard

Flashcard OFLAMERON convenient for learning foreign languages. Flashcard OFLAMERON can simply draw on a sheet of paper. This map hike, on the playing field.
An example of the playing field. Is the field easy to draw on any paper. Cells with letters can have a different shape and color. This can then be used in the bonus system.

The game uses chips and dice. The game begins with the fact that the chips are put down on ANY playing field. Each player writes which letter on a piece of paper. Then the players throw the dice and move the chips across the cells clockwise. Write the next letter. Each player writes their letters.
When a player has accumulated a lot of letters, it can take out of them a foreign word. The player is to remember foreign words (!), you can make from the letters.

For example, there are letters

|O|, |R|, |M|, |P|, |W|, |I|, |T|, |O|, |N|

You can make the word PORTION - La portion (french).

The player will receive 7 points. The player will remain letters

|M|, |W|

The player collects the letters for the following foreign words.

The duration of the game can limit in different ways. For example, to throw the dice 50 times. Then count the points and announce the winner.
There are several other options for the end of games and bonuses. 
More about that in future articles.

Handmade Flashcard

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